To be a leading centre of excellence in teaching and research in the field related to Fisheries Science in Sri Lanka.


To produce outstanding graduates in the fields of Fisheries, Aquaculture, Aquatic Sciences and Aquatic Resources Technology and capable enough to contribute towards development of sustainable fisheries and the status of fishing communities


To provide the education, research and outreach activities needed by stakeholders for the enhancement and conservation of fisheries resources.


1) To build human resource capacity through undergraduate and postgraduate education to undertake national development programs in fisheries Sciences

2) Advance the Fishery Industry in Sri Lanka in general and that in the Northern Province in particular by producing trained personnel in the appropriate fields and by conducting basic and applied research programs in relevant areas of science and technology.

3) Disseminate new knowledge and engage in extension work for the benefit of the fishing community in the region and to provide advisory and consultancy services to facilitate transfer of new technology as appropriate to local context

4) Improve coastal and freshwater aquaculture.

5) Provide infrastructural and institutional support to promote investment and maximize employment opportunities in the fisheries sector.

A brief of the Department

Fishery sector is an important industry in Sri Lanka in terms of protein supply, employment and foreign exchange earnings. Ever increasing need for marine and inland water resources leads to unmanaged and illegal practices which end up in adverse impacts on environment and over exploitation of resources. There is a global rising tide of awareness about the sustainability of fisheries among the fishery managers, academic community, leading NGOs, international foundations and representatives affiliated to the United Nations.

Being the foremost institution for research and education in this region, the University of Jaffna assumes a collective responsibility to advance and strengthen the interdependent and mutually reinforcing pillars of sustainable development economic development, social development, environmental protection and resource conservation at regional and national level. With this scope the newly established department of fisheries contributes to produce skillful graduates with wide knowledge in marine and inland fishery. The Department is stimulating and supporting the development of the fisheries industry through its educational activities of general as well as special degree programmes. The Department also expands the opportunities for tertiary education to provide productive employment to our youths.

The curricular are designed to provide adequate knowledge and skills through laboratory, practical and field experience in ocean sciences, fishing vessels and navigation, fishing gear and operation, processing and preservation, marketing, environmental management, conservation of fisheries resources, fisheries law and policy, aquaculture, breeding ornamental fishes and safety in fisheries.



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